For many years, 21st Century Pools & Spas based in Chicopee, MA has installed many spas and pools from top-notch brands in the USA. We have a lot of experience in the industry that is why we would like to share a few tips about winter procedure for non-heating spas and non-running spas.

  1. Do NOT open the cover any more than necessary! This will retain heat in the main body of water longer. As long as the main body is warm, it will radiate some heat into the rest of the cabinet (where the bulk of the plumbing is).
  2. If the jet pumps are working, keep them running as much as possible (both if there are two). The pumps will create some heat, and moving water can’t freeze. Set to “Filter Continuous”, and make sure all Jets are open and all diverters are on mid-way so there is water flowing through every line.
  3. Do NOT drain the spa unless you are prepared to fully winterize it immediately. If the lines are not properly drained, you may do more harm than good. Small volumes of water in the lines will freeze much faster if they are no longer connected to a large warm main pool.
  4. If the spa is completely dead or the jet pumps do not work, put a submersible pump into the foot well of the spa and let it run continuously with the discharge hose stuck into the pump intake (where the filter goes). This will keep the water moving, especially through the pump(s) and lines, and will transfer some heat into the water.
  5. If the spa is empty or partially empty and can’t be filled enough to run the pumps or a submersible, point either a small ceramic space heater or incandescent drop light at the open pump compartment. Make sure your heat source is not to close to anything, and take all appropriate precautions to prevent fire or melting of components (yes drop lights make enough heat to melt parts). Set up some kind of windscreen to prevent heat loss. Make sure it is sturdy and will not collapse on the heat source.
  6. If the spa is at full temperature or has been protected properly, it should be fine for a few days until someone can get out to look at it.
  7. Remember, between Oct 1st and May 1st, you should check your spa EVERY DAY. The sooner you are aware of a problem and address it, the better the chances of avoiding freeze damage.